Corporate Profile

In 1968, Evergreen Group Founder and Chairman Dr. Y. F. Chang established Evergreen Marine Corporation with a 15-year-old used general cargo ship named Central Trust. The company has since grown to become a key player in the global transportation industry and is the cornerstone of the Evergreen Group.

Over more than 50 years, Evergreen has matured and expanded its business scope into sea, land and air transportations services. EVA Air was the first privately owned commercial aviation company in Taiwan, while Evergreen Hotels is the first world-class hotel chain brand with origins in Taiwan. As it has expanded globally and diversified, the Evergreen Group has remained loyal to its founding principles: safety and quality remain top priorities everywhere and all the time.

In 1984, Dr. Chang established Evergreen International Corporation, which offers hotel management, real estate management, information systems management, publishing, photography, graphic design, integrated marketing, advertising and printing services.

The Evergreen spirit of "Challenge, Innovation, and Teamwork" will continue to guide business practices in the future, while the company retains strong commitments to corporate social responsibility and sustainable operations.